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Submit 2018 PT Result @ http://www.nrleamcdoh.org/doapt2019

1. Prepare the following

  • Accomplished PROFICIENCY TEST Acknowledgement & Result Form.

2. Submit Online

  • Step 1. Log in at the NRL Website at http://nrleamcdoh.org/doapt2018/user

                  Login information is provided for your laboratory (see attached letter in PT package)

  • Step 2. Once logged in, you will be directed to "Create Proficiency Test Result".
  • Step 3. Submit your PT Result by filling up the forms.
  • Step 4. SAVE & LOGOUT


  1. Do we need to send the duly signed hard copy of PROFICIENCY TEST Acknowledgement & Result Form to NRL?
      Yes, NRL evaluate the results only upon receipt of duly signed proficiency test acknowledgement & result form. NRL will use the "online submitted data" to facilitate counter checking of results.
  2. Who can see my PT result?
    • Only your laboratory can see your PT result as "One laboratory, one user" policy is implemented.
  3. Why are we asked "CAPTCHA Match questions" before Login?
    • The purpose of "CAPTCHA Match questions" is to prevent automated spam and to prevent NRL website abuse.