About Us

What we do

We carry out testing services to the public in such a way as to meet the standards of PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and standards set by the accreditation bodies. We operate meeting the requirements of the following:
  • Analytical Toxicology Laboratory for the Analysis, Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Toxicological and Occupational Hazard
  • Screening Drug Testing Laboratory (SDTL) accreditation by the Bureau of Health Facilities Services (BHFS)
  • Drugs of Abuse Confirmatory Drug Testing in biological samples (CDTL) accreditation by BHFS
  • BHFS accreditation on Drinking Water Quality Testing Laboratory
  • Department of Health (DOH) recognition as the one of the testing laboratory for the Analysis and Quality Monitoring of Water used in Hemodialysis Centers
  • DOH Proficiency Testing (PT) Provider for Drug Testing Laboratories
  • DOH PT Provider for Water Testing Laboratories
  • DOH Technical Performance Evaluator of Screening Drug Testing Kits prior to product registration by Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • DOH Technical Performance Evaluator of Drinking Water Purification Device prior to product registration by Center for Device Regulation, Radiation Health and Research (CDRRHR), FDA
  • DOH Technical Performance Evaluator for Health Care Waste Treatment devices prior to product registration by CDRRHR, FDA.

We envision to become

“the premier standard reference laboratory in the country and Asia Pacific Region for environmental and occupational health, toxicology and micronutrient assay”.

Our Mission

"Provide leadership and technical expertise in diagnostic technology, surveillance, monitoring, quality assurance, training and research for the promotion of health in the related field."

We are committed to:

"to provide the highest quality analytical services to our customers through issuance of timely and accurate test results in accordance with the required standard methods and employing internationally recognized Good Laboratory Practices"


Alfonzo G. Nuñez, MD, MMHoA, FPCS
Officer-in-Charge, Medical Center Chief II, EAMC

Jennifer C. Deoduco-Mercado, MD, MMHoA, FPSP
Head, NRL